Xerocon San Diego 2019

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March 28, 2023
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March 28, 2023

Xerocon San Diego 2019

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Xerocon San Diego 2019

The next day during his keynote address, Craig shared a little of the story of our Jam-Off and he also shared the picture below. He also continued the jam theme with his product demonstration using a demo company named Foxglove Jam Suppliers. I thought it was great to have Craig share his jam-making passion https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ with the audience. Xero unveiled major product enhancements aimed at empowering advisors – such as accountants and bookkeepers, to help them run their businesses more efficiently. As the founder of Hubdoc, a Xero subsidiary, Jamie focused on how customer feedback influenced the build of their product.

End-to-end receivables automation

The global partnership, announced at Xerocon San Diego 2019, will enable new payments experiences that are more seamless and efficient for small business owners and their advisors around the world. Xero and Stripe are building new tools to invoice customers more efficiently, bring additional insights on their business performance and get paid, no matter how or where they do business. The above exchange highlights the fact that Xero is looking to go big and team up with other big players to help push innovation. Hubdoc was acquired recently, there is a new deeper partnership with Stripe and also a global agreement with PwC. Straight from Tony’s mouth is that we can expect more of these kinds of things to happen. I also found it interesting that PwC was starting to speak like a software.

While there is no confirmation whatsoever by H&R Block or anyone else that they are getting into the Uber-type bookkeeping space, it may certainly make sense and perhaps Xero is monitoring Xerocon San Diego 2019 this closely. Stripe, a global payments processor, helps businesses get paid 15 days faster. Stripe connects natively to Xero allowing for auto-payment of recurring invoices.


He’s a CPA where his family pushed him into the profession since it was always considered safe, though his belief is that that’s no longer the case. Manosca from Enterprise Accounts, Nick Noone from NoonPlus, and many more, showed their support for Wayne and Matt, and they were amazed with their stories and experiences which resonated with so many in the audience.

  • The Chaser team was proud to showcase Chaser’s end-to-end receivables management functionality at the show, with the recent introduction of our new feature, SMS payment reminders.
  • Get up to date on the latest credit control insights and find out what’s been happening at Chaser.
  • Xero understands the impact their software has on small businesses and will be making an effort to focus on the community as their company matures.
  • They also announced the ability to collect payments through the Stripe terminal from a phone.
  • Technology doesn’t disrupt, people do.” Therefore a change mindset is required and part of that is about being willing to try new things and being willing to fail.

Stripe is an application I’ve been considering utilizing for a few months now, and this integration is a massive win. It’s easy to use, gets results, and now integrates directly into Xero. Attended by a new generation of accountants, bookkeepers, SaaS companies and more, the Xero conference will have multiple speaking sessions led by industry leaders who are focused on the future of accounting. Some of the inspiring keynote speakers include Xero CEO Steve Vamos, Stanford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal, and disruptive strategist Shawn Kanungo. Xerocon San Diego is the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the Americas. Be in the know about the latest industry trends and innovations – and their direct implications to you.

Xero is a brand brilliantly disrupting the world of accountancy and Xerocon USA is its flagship event, growing every year.

With over 1000 people in attendance, it was the perfect opportunity to interact with peers, learn about enhancements to Xero, and gain insight into some of the ecosystem partners. Small business owners can now work with their banks and financial institutions direct on Xero via Bank feeds API. Novo was the first financial institution to implement with the goal of making it easier for small business owners to conduct business. With the goal of automation and artificial intelligence in mind, Xero’s platform is built around a single ledger and system record. A code-free accounting future can be a reality when combining these features with the recent acquisition of Hubdoc. US Tax Mapper – the all-new tax workflow solution making it easy to map client data using your favourite tax software with a few clicks.

The party had everything you could hope for when in New Orleans, including a live jazz band and stilt walkers. The Chaser team had an amazing time catching up with new and familiar faces in a more casual environment. On our way to Xerocon, Lisa Gilreath and I made a quick stop in Denver to meet with the Denver team. Acuity hosted a brunch for the team, and we had a wonderful time! Giving people the flexibility to be remote is great, but it’s important to hold team events to provide opportunities to connect.

Holiday Box

The key takeaway that we, at The Back Room, got from Xerocon was the message that disruptive innovation has an enormous role to play in the future of accounting. Keynote speaker and disruptive strategist, Shawn Kanungo, spoke to a captive audience about the power every individual today holds to be an active participant in shaping the world’s innovations. After a wonderful event in New Orleans, Chaser look forward to meeting with more accountants and bookkeepers face-to-face. Xerocon is unlike any other conference, and is in the US also known as the ‘Coachella for accountants and bookkeepers’. Put an end to late payments and manual chasing tasks, by setting up schedules to send out polite payment reminders to your customers.

Xerocon San Diego 2019

We may use the information to customise the website according to your interests. Bizink’s marketing planning template which accompanies the How to market your Xero Firm course. 3 – Card present payments will also be available shortly in the US where if you accept payments in person, you’ll be able to tap your credit card on a small Stripe device and accept payments instantly, all synced to Xero. He went on to say that “technology doesn’t innovate, people do. Technology doesn’t disrupt, people do.” Therefore a change mindset is required and part of that is about being willing to try new things and being willing to fail. Of particular interest is one of the questions I asked Jamie about his views on Uberizing the profession following the release Quickbooks Live, where H&R Block was briefly mentioned.

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