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Quality can be defined as a degree to which information has content, form, and time characteristics, which give it value to specific end users . If we take into the account user needs, quality will be the degree to which information is meeting this needs according to external, subjective user perceptions. Xplore, and Google Scholar), we used such libraries as references. Thus, other researchers may come to different conclusions, depending on their access restrictions, the considered subject systems, and implications they derive. However, we carefully described our procedure and derived our results with caution, meaning that they can be reproduced by others.

This then presents the problem of finding consensus between the arbitrators, a problem which the literature provides many potential avenues for solution. The Casper Proof-of-Stake protocol being developed as a replacement for Proof-of-Work by the Ethereum Foundation provides potential solutions for encouraging good peer behaviour within a consensus system. Aspects of this protocol could bgld coingecko be applied to group arbitration such as by requiring would-be arbitrators to stake Ether. The shared fee would be collected from the balance of the escrow. Transformation can be found across sectors, including traditional sectors such as services and manufacturing . This results in additional impact factors which were not taken into account within existing quantitative approaches.

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Another technique to ensure data immutability was the usage of Write Once Read Many drives . WORM-Drives are a hardware solution to this problem that prevents the deletion or alteration of written data, similarly to the blockchain, but without the decentralization aspect and without offering trustless transactions. Responsibility of manufacturing and can be utilized to satisfy environmentally and socially conscious customers, since they can be confident in the data’s integrity. Taken together, the blockchain could improve efficiency and transparency in supply chain, but also increase the visibility of goods within them. Building confidence in supply chain networks has, until now, been costly because it is effortful and exhaustive, requiring a lot of intermediaries or trusted relationships between company employees .

We have had an open call for papers and invited researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia to submit original results of their completed or ongoing projects. The scope of our call has been broad in order to include all relevant aspects relating to big data analytics, organizational transformation and business value. We have encouraged the submission of empirical work and innovative studies. This is not an issue, since by design, our system signs the transaction on device, before it is deployed to the network, meaning that no private information is uploaded on the node. We use the Oraclize service, as it is currently the most widely used in the community and includes extensive documentation and testing environment. The smart contract implements a callback method to register for replies from Oraclize, which is called by an Oraclize-issued smart contact together with the result.

2 Research Methodology The research for this paper was done by applying a design research approach, which is a design-oriented research strategy with the aim to develop an artifact . Based on the five phases of the design research model that are awareness of problem, suggestion of a solution, development, evaluation and the conclusion, the Transformation Compass as artifact was developed. In a first step, Digital transformation and its specific aspects were analyzed to get a basis understanding of the topic. In several interviews, with mainly SME, data was gathered and then reviewed for defining requirements of a specific framework for SME to handle Digital Transformation.

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Issues in the quality of metadata exists as widely pointed out in literature; quality issues in metadata is out of scope of this paper, other works already faced this issue. A common approach to infer types is to use the cast operator provided by programming languages or any equivalent function. An example of such approach is adopted in the project Messytables1 .

These relationships might be difficult to notice without an analysis of real ships’ trajectories and correlating them with other information about the ship and its behavior. Climate change in these regions or simulating the interaction between physical and biogeochemical processes. HPC is one of the avenues that many models have been pursuing and applying successfully. Several models are available to simulate hydrodynamic and ecological dynamics , many of which can take advantage of HPC resources through MPI parallelization. In this paper, we explore the model SCHISM, which evolved from the model SELFE (semi-implicit Eulerian–Lagrangian finiteelement), both parallelized using MPI.

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All of the building blocks are linked with each other to illustrate that a change or optimization on one category might have an impact on another category as well. Section 6 briefly evaluates the resulting Qtum smart-contract platform by reporting about the existing ecosystem of distributed applications Finally, Sect. 7 concludes this whitepaper together with discussing limitations, open issues and future development work. This scenario was successfully executed with two Android devices, a Parity Ethereum wallet, and a GreenAddress Bitcoin wallet.

  • In order to exploit the HPC resources, additional scripts will be used to combine the model outputs and convert them to formats that can readily be integrated in the Web interface, such as GIS layers and output files in standard netcdf formats.
  • Architecture for integrating cloud computing and enterprise systems based on the ResourceEvent-Agent model.
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  • So far black gold, Diligtal linked gold, and they also have, debt.

Due to page limitations, we must unfortunately for now refer the reader to for further details about the Qtum abstraction layer. Trading scenario where Alice and Bob trade Ethereum and Bitcoin with the help of the smart contract. New facilitators given that intermediaries do have a capitalistic will to survive. Disintermediation is not an outcome as probable as blockchain enthusiasts try to stipulate. It is more likely that we will see a landscape of highly specialized, innovative services.


They can be used as a means for analysing the business situation and for communication between stakeholders and are also exploited for strategic alignment . There are a number or contributions addressing the problem of adjusting enterprise architecture models and methods for better support of specific business scenarios. 6 Conclusion In a first step, changing demands for information processing system due to the current developments around I40, especially in respect of SCM, have been outlined.

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– Help researchers to find publications that are most suitable for their needs, for example, if they aim to explore a new research area. – Potentially extend the search capabilities of digital libraries to allow for more fine-grained searches. To this end, we aim to extend our research to improve our understanding regarding the connection between the different information and quality of publications. In the future, we plan to evaluate different metrics to interpret the quality of scientific research works. For the current paper, we mainly focused on highlighting the support for certain features of various commonly used digital libraries.


In addition, new technical skills in cloud computing and DevOps are becoming more common (Fig. 3). Which pushes the current spending transaction’s SHA256 hash onto the Bitcoin Script stack. The OP EXEC and OP EXEC ASSIGN opcodes check the Expected Contract Transaction List during a spend attempt. After the transaction passes to the opcodes that exist in the Expected Contract Transaction List, the result is 1, or spendable. In this way, OP EXEC and OP EXEC ASSIGN using vouts are only spendable when a contract and thus, the Account Abstraction Layer, requires that the vout is spendable, i.e., while the contract attempts sending money. This results in a secure and sound way of allowing contract funds to be spent only by a respective contract in alignment with a normal UTXO transaction.

The automatic implements the force-based command logic that is built from starter software, motors, pumps, valves, relays, and protections. The irrigation pumps are operated using three three-phase motors with a short-circuit rotor. The three asynchronous motors are Siemens 1LA7070-4AB60 with a voltage of 400 V, a nominal power of 0.25 kW and a speed of 1350 rpm. To start the main pumps, the Siemens 3RW3013-1BB14 starter with the 480 V nominal voltages, the start time of 0–3 s and the rated current of 3.6 A was used.

So the task of constructive interpreting the Likert scale responses leaves to researcher. Usually they use simple statistical location and variation characteristics like mean, median, mode, standard deviation, percentile, its confidence intervals and so on. We study the process changes over time by the help of repeated surveys. We want to find the way for analyzing and comparing the data retrieved from multiply Likert scale based surveys. The practical implementation of introduced testing idea on the data of rehabilitation hospital service quality changes over time is done in Sect. The paper is finished with main findings and final conclusions of research done.

When necessary, questions were clarified to encourage more accurate responses. Overall a semi-structured study protocol was followed during the investigation and during the process of collecting data . In total 27 interviews were held with key and senior informants from different firms, departments—through which we obtained additional secondary company-related documents—including big data and analytics strategists, CIOs, and senior business managers. We recorded all interviews with upfront consent and subsequently transcribed them. The simple script above hands over transaction processing to the OP EXEC ASSIGN opcode.

The research design was based on the design science approach of Hevner et al. , while limiting the scope to the first half of the design cycle. Following, the high-level features of a blockchain were introduced and beneficial factors that can address the needs of I40 SCM systems were touched. Subsequently we proposed a design for distributed I40 supply chains, based on the design science approach. The outlined design of distributed I40 supply chains incorporates technologies that are as well still under development.

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