Guidelines for Developing a Mobile Banking App

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Get expert engineers to supplement your team or build a high-quality app from scratch and bring it to life. SSL and 256-bit encryption – their use will help you increase the security level of your application. Source code obfuscation – hackers won’t be able to decompile an app and steal data after hacking. custom development in banking Reminders to change passwords – these should be shown regularly to remind users to update their passwords from time to time. Though the above-mentioned regulations cover a lot of issues, there are a few other security best practices that will allow increasing the security of your application.

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Greenwood Acquires Mobile Banking Platform Kinly To Increase ….

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Internet banking – a web application that works in a web browser and requires a stable internet connection. Sometimes, the capabilities of such solutions are wider than of mobile banking applications. Here at MindK we help companies develop web and mobile financial products and can help you create a mobile banking app that will make your remote banking services more inclusive and accessible to everyone globally. This rapid jump proves that mobile banking solutions take off extremely fast.

How to Create a Fintech Startup: 5 Steps you Should Take to Achieve Success

You probably remember a situation or two when you couldn’t withdraw cash because your credit card was left at home. Allow them to verify their identity with the help of a banking app call on their smartphone or text message. Offering cashback is one of the ways to make users fall in love with your applications. Some banks allow them to choose categories for which they’ll receive payments, such as grocery, restaurants, travel, and so on. Discovery stage – during this stage a common understanding of the future product is created between the product owner and app development company.

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Depending on your requirements, we change banking app development processes and suggest the most efficient technologies. It’s a fintech solution designed for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Mobile banking app developers create such digital tools to provide banking functions through mobile channels.

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React Native, Flutter, Xamarin will aid in building cross-platform apps. To develop or upgrade any mobile banking software, we need from 6 to 9 months on average. You can get a small project with a few updates to your existing app completed much faster than a complex one with custom development from scratch. The more features you need, the longer it takes to develop them, as a rule.

How can I create mobile banking

This process enables developers to create a fully functional application with a comprehensive list of features. A fairly simple feature in its essence, but this is what many users expect from banking apps. This feature solves the age-old problem of splitting the bill in a cafe or restaurant. Users can easily share the bill between everyone sitting at the table and quickly pay for it.

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As competition becomes fiercer in the m-banking context, banks need a deeper understanding of how m-banking services are involved in the customers’ activities, contexts and experiences (see Heinonen et al., 2010). Over the past decade, mobile applications have become both a common interaction channel between companies and consumers, and a method to offer various kinds of services . Banks are considered pioneers in the digitalisation of services, as new mobile technology that has already become established is rapidly changing the form of banking and financial services, and future methods of use . This blurs the boundaries between banks and makes competition for customers fierce.

How can I create mobile banking

The cherry on top, that’s what a robust chatbot or voice assistant can become to your app. Bank of America reported that only 1% of their mobile customers turn off Erica, their AI-enabled chat & voice assistant — a user-friendly conversational interface. Security is everything, especially when it comes to personal finance.


On top of that, building a mobile banking app that would meet all the regulatory and security requirements can be challenging because of the level of effort and expertise it involves. Establishing a partnership with a reliable app development provider is key to building a fintech solution with excellent usability and security-protection. Building custom apps for mobile banking is expensive, but it also guarantees robust returns on investments. Not only does the growing number of users account for the overall profitability of building apps for banks, but also the cost reduction that it helps to achieve. With companies no longer required to open physical offices and hire personnel, the digitization of banking services can immensely prove to be financially effective.

  • The main contribution of this study relates to focussing on the customer’s value experience and providing an in-depth understanding of it in the context of m-banking.
  • Now’s the time to research new markets and channels, covering wearables, 5G smartphones, and IoT devices.
  • We’ll make sure you’re covering all the bases before plunging into the exciting world of mobile banking.
  • You need to understand that internet banking and mobile banking are not the same things.
  • Applying with your Be1st Smart debit card will enable you to use all functions when you provide your mobile phone number that matches the one you registered with the Bank.
  • Due to the pandemic crisis and the accelerating digital transformation movement, the digitization of financial services could take up an even faster pace.
  • The outcome of a customer experience refers to what is experienced, that is, what the end-result of the experience is for the customer.

Although using the service has become a habit for several users related to a specific use situation, they value the option of being able to use the service whenever they want. Flexibility related to the use situation of the mobile wallet is essentially affected by the fact that the user can currently access the internet anywhere. If the network is not functioning for some reason, this will irritate the consumer immediately. A woman wrote in her diary “The Internet was down for some reason. It was annoying when you are used to checking your account quickly using the mobile wallet”.

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Enabling your solution to operate in an offline mode can be highly relevant – especially for people with poor or unstable internet access. Making your app work in different environments is now a golden standard for banking app development. The financial sector was fast to embrace digital transformation. Bankers understand the value of digitization and its capability to radically transform the users’ banking experiences.

In this table, you’ll find the approximate time our developers would need to implement the features mentioned in this article. This will help you determine mobile banking app development cost if you know the hourly rates of developers in a mobile banking app development company you’ll hire. To bring into life, your company has to build a relevant sketch or prototype that will explain in general terms the future structure and order of different design components, visuals, and content. That allows for sketching a home screen, clients’ accounts, personal dashboards, etc. Of course, the presence of different app features is the first criteria for all clients when they decide whether to use your banking software.

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The banking sector must strictly follow KYC regulations, which are part of an anti-money-laundering framework; otherwise, they can be charged severe fines and restrictions. Over the eight years of our history, Relevant got a hang of fintech, to say the least. We are especially proud of FirstHomeCoach for the UK market and Payroll for the US.

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